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Everyone should be able to eat in public if they want to. But right now thousands of people are taking photos of women on public transport without their consent.

There's a group on Facebook called 'Women Who Eat on Tubes' that encourages people to take secret photos of women eating and post them online. Women have complained about it, but Facebook doesn't seem to think it's harassment, so refuses to take it down.

Level Up supporter Rebecca was targeted recently:

“I was on a packed tube, a guy was so obviously and blatantly filming me eating. I asked “what the hell are you doing? Stop filming me!”, then he picked up his phone again to continue.”

“It made me feel so vulnerable, I had no control over it. He was filming me so blatantly even though I asked him to stop. I didn’t quite understand it until I spoke to a friend who mentioned a Facebook group”

It's not OK to take photos of women without their consent, and it's up to Facebook to uphold women's privacy.

Call on Facebook to close the group and review its harassment policy to include targeted non-consensual photography of women.

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Thank you for signing. The more people speak out about Women Who Eat on Tubes, the more Facebook will be forced to take notice and take this seriously as harassment. Please can you triple your impact by sharing the campaign?
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