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Last week campaigners made history! Thanks to their hard work, women won their right to an abortion in Ireland. It was a landslide victory and an inspiring moment for feminists everywhere. But the fight isn’t over.

In Northern Ireland abortion is still widely unavailable. This means that even in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormality, women from Northern Ireland have to travel to get abortion care.

Pressure is mounting on Theresa May - people power has already achieved a win in Ireland! Let’s build on it to gain abortion rights for all women and girls in the UK.

Sarah Ewart is one of the women who had to travel to England to get an abortion, after doctors told her her unborn baby would not survive outside the womb.

Sarah has said “it is very traumatic to have to travel when you are grieving for a baby and thinking about going away. If we had an Assembly here we would be literally at their doors begging, but we don’t, so we are really hoping that we can have help from Westminster and Theresa May.”

The Northern Irish assembly has been defunct for 16 months, with no prospect of getting back in session soon. Theresa May must step in.

Women in Northern Ireland cannot wait for political games to play out, the PM should act now. As pressure on her is building a petition signed by tens of thousands of us might be the push Theresa May needs to take action.

We want to create a huge petition demanding Theresa May to step in and give women in the UK the right to control their own bodies. If you agree women’s rights can’t and shouldn’t wait, will you sign the petition now?

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Thank you so much for taking action to call on Theresa May to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland.

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