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To: Thierry Cheval, Managing Director of L'Oreal UK;
Paul Devin, Managing Director – Revlon Inc;
Mario Laguardia – Strength of Nature LLC.

Petition text

Oxford University have published a study that found that Black women who repeatedly use hair relaxers containing a chemical called lye are at 30% increased risk of breast cancer.

If you care about Black women's health and lives, you must make a global commitment to removing lye and harmful hydroxides from all hair relaxer products.

Why is this important?

Lye, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a heavy-duty chemical used to unblock drains. It's also a key ingredient, alongside other harmful hydroxides, in big brand hair relaxers used by Black women. A long-term scientific study has shown that its repeated use is connected to serious health effects, including breast cancer.

Even products that are marketed as "no lye"– but still contain harmful hydroxides including calcium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide – have been linked to hair loss and scalp burns. It's time to demand #NoMoreLyes in Black hair products

As long as these products are still being sold, Black women are at risk of serious health conditions. It’s time to demand that all beauty brands remove lye and other harmful hydroxides from their hair products.

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